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Five Advantages Of Products

  • scratch-proof
  • Mature production technology
  • ultrahigh adhesive force and decay resistance
  • sea worthy wooden package
  • short delivery time

Product Details

Technical requirements for clear aluminum mirror

1.      The reflective aluminum coating shall be applied to the float glass in physical process

2.      Do not need to use copper layer to protect the aluminum layer, so the aluminum mirror is copper-free.

3.      Two coats of paint are applied on the top of aluminum layer, a base coating of paint with anti-corrosion effects and a covering coating of paint for protection against factors of mechanical stress.


Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Standard Sizes: 1600x2200mm, 1830x2440mm, 2134x3300mm, 2134x3660mm

We can also supply customized sizes according to customers’ requirement.

We can also supply edge polished mirror according to customers’ demand.

The edges can be: polished flat edge, round edge, beveled edge.

Also we can drill holes on mirror for installation.


The same with silver mirror, we can also cut the aluminum mirror into small sizes according to orders, and use beveling polishing machine to polish the beveled edges, then put the mirror into washing machine to wash clean, and then we can pack them by wooden crates.