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Why Did The Tempered Glass Cracked Into A Small Piece Of It?
Aug 24, 2017

Why did the Tempered Glass cracked into a small piece of it?
  This is because the special structure of the Tempered Glass is determined. Whether it is physical Tempered Glass or chemical Tempered Glass, will form a layer of stress on the glass surface, the internal formation of tensile stress layer. You can simply think of it as sandwich biscuits. When the impact, the outside of the stress layer and the internal crack propagation velocity is different, in general, the physical Tempered Glass stress layer is the inner tensile stress layer of 1/23, chemical Tempered Glass stress layer is the internal tensile stress layer 1/11, while the ordinary glass surface and the internal crack propagation speed is 1, therefore, caused by the glass outside the stress layer has not spread far, which layer has spread very far. It is like sandwich biscuits by the impact of the sandwich inside has been cracked, the outside of the biscuits is not much bad. Due to the presence of the stress layer, most of the impact caused by the internal transmission, because the Tempered Glass is very high, so generally enough to make him crack the force of the time, are enough to make cracks in the internal spread. If the impact is too large, it will be broken into small particles.
 The problem with the bleached glass has been discussed many times: the vast majority is due to its own defects (scratches, etc., may be caused by the processing process) or the presence of nickel sulfide (phase change volume expansion), the problem can not be completely avoided.
    On the Tempered Glass blew process will not "glass slag flying", there are many video on the Internet, LZ can find their own, here can only give the following explanation:
    Will the glass slag depends on the piece of glass in the blew moment of the force of the situation, if it is flat, the direction of the balance occurs when the blew, probably only hear the quack twice, and then is the glass shredding landing The sound of the other objects, such as bending (curved) of the metal frame, or made its own Rewan glass, and blew some small pieces of debris may be toward the direction of stress concentration then forward Little distance, the specific flight will be far according to the actual situation.
    In short, under normal circumstances it is very calm, if it is not comfortable, it may be vigorous to leave.
   LZ completely no need to remove the glass stood, out of this kind of thing can be directly to the manufacturers, let the test that a few pieces of surviving glass, are generally safe, and then give you a piece and then loaded back, and Can be used, but usually should pay attention to the use of its gentle point, Tempered Glass in the corner of the corner of the most vulnerable, corners by the abnormal stress will immediately hang up, provided by the LZ picture is not ugly Out, the edge of these pieces of glass in the pull when the corner is "pressed".
    Windows of the glass, and now the general decoration are used flat glass, Tempered Glass too little, flat glass can not worry about blew problems, because they do not have this skill.
  Uncontrollable Tempered Glass blew the characteristics of Tempered Glass unclear blew the problem, the responsibility is difficult to understand. Blew time is not certain, may be just baked, it may be shipped from 1 to 2 months, there are 1 to 2 years before leaving the factory blew, causing the glass more blew the time may be finished after the production of 4 to 5 years The According to incomplete understanding, the probability of most manufacturers of products is about 3 ‰ blew rate; individual manufacturers may even higher probability of the product. Tempered Glass blew the root cause is because the glass contains nickel sulfide and heterogeneous particles of impurities, impurities are mixed? It is not yet clear to find out how the glass is mixed with nickel, the largest possible source is the use of equipment on a variety of nickel-containing components and the use of various heat-resistant alloys furnace. For the melting of the furnace, has been reported in the small furnace found in nickel-rich coagulation. Sulfur is undoubtedly derived from the ingredients in the mix and the sulfur content of the fuel. When the temperature exceeds 1000 ° C, nickel sulfide is present in the molten glass in the form of droplets, and the curing temperature of these small droplets is 797 ° C. 1 gram of nickel sulfide can produce about 1000 small diameter of 0.15 mm small stones. Nickel sulfide can occur at any time after the completion of production, so it can not be completely eliminated, so far no effective way to prevent it as "glass curtain wall cancer."