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What Do You Need To Know About Dimming Glass Mirror And Applications?
Sep 15, 2017

What do you need to know about dimming Glass Mirror and applications?
Dimming Glass Mirror is a composite of the liquid crystal film into the middle of two glasses, the high temperature and high pressure after the integration of the sandwich structure of the new special photoelectric Glass Mirror products. The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the Glass Mirror by controlling the continuity of the current. Glass Mirror itself not only has the characteristics of all safety Glass Mirror, but also has the control of Glass Mirror transparent or not the privacy protection function, due to the characteristics of liquid crystal film sandwich, dimming Glass Mirror can also be used as a projection screen, instead of ordinary curtain, In the domestic, people used to call the dimming Glass Mirror for the intelligent electronic control dimming Glass Mirror, intelligent Glass Mirror, LCD Glass Mirror, electronic control Glass Mirror, discoloration Glass Mirror, PDLC Glass Mirror, Smart Glass Mirror Magic Glass Mirror and other names. In the case of
With the sustained and rapid growth of the national economy, the rapid development of domestic building materials market, intelligent electronic control dimmable Glass Mirror due to a lot of cost reduction, gradually accepted by the construction and design industry and began large-scale application, with further reduced costs and market Price down, dimming Glass Mirror also began to enter the home decoration applications. 16 years Anhui Glass Mirror through the introduction of technology, its deep processing of products also added a dimming Glass Mirror production and processing!
Dimming Glass Mirror Category:
(Non-steel) dimming Glass Mirror, hollow dimming Glass Mirror, curved dimming Glass Mirror, single perspective dimming Glass Mirror, bulletproof dimming Glass Mirror, locomotive dimming Glass Mirror, ultra-white dimming Glass Mirror, curtain wall With dimming Glass Mirror and no radiation projection dimming Glass Mirror. In the case of
Dimming Glass Mirror Price:
Dimming Glass Mirror prices are relatively high, although the time has just come from the tens of thousands of dollars per square meter down to less than 10,000 yuan per square meter, but because of the high cost and other reasons, the price of dimming Glass Mirror is still relatively At high altitudes, this also determines its application areas to be targeted at high-end markets. In the case of
Dimming Glass Mirror Advantages:
1, safety: As a result of the use of laminated Glass Mirror process, dimming Glass Mirror in the Glass Mirror firmly bonded, can be dimming Glass Mirror in the impact of broken, Glass Mirror pieces stick to the middle of the film, not There will be Glass Mirror fragments splash wounding. In the case of
2, environmental protection: dimming Glass Mirror in the middle of the dimming film and film can shield more than 90% of the infrared and ultraviolet. Shielded infrared rays to reduce heat radiation and transmission. And shielded UV, can protect the indoor furnishings are not due to ultraviolet radiation and fade, aging, etc., to protect people from direct ultraviolet radiation caused by the disease. 3, sound insulation: dimming Glass Mirror in the middle of the dimming film and film with a sound barrier effect, can effectively block all kinds of noise. In the case of
Dimming Glass Mirror Use:
1, business office: open office area of the partition, alternative curtains, screens, curtain wall (highlight the luxury, fully show the design of new elements and highlights to meet customer demand for high quality, high-tech materials at the same time, effectively protect the office area of privacy Nature, to ensure that all the corner of the space are bright and spacious, easy to clean, but also with environmental protection, clean, easy to pollution advantages;
2, residential, villas: for doors, windows, partitions, screens, etc., to meet the needs of customers high taste;
3, public facilities: monitoring room, public facilities, shops and the face of entertainment and entertainment venues inside and outside the window, doors, partitions, booth, etc .;
4, projection screen: can provide 140 ° wide wide-angle visibility, compared with the traditional projection screen, greatly improving the image clarity and image quality, with high-definition projector to use, to show rich and delicate color, quite shocking effect of high-definition Screen
5, public special places: in the financial, military, public security and other special areas, intelligent electronic control dimming Glass Mirror can be used with bulletproof Glass Mirror. Once in case of danger, remote control, instantly change the Glass Mirror transparent state, calmly face the crisis, the maximum protection of personal and property safety.