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The Quality Of Tempered Glass
Dec 06, 2016

Tempered glass is regular glass cut to the required size, and then heated to near the softening point, fast uniform cooling have been. Tempered glass uniform pressure on the surface after stress, while the internal formation of tensile stress, will greatly improve the performance of the glass, pulling resistance is more than 3 times of the latter times, impact resistance is more than 5 times of the latter times.

Is this characteristic, stress characteristics became an important symbol of true and false identification of tempered glass, it's tempered glass can be seen through the polarizer on the edges of the glass color stripes, and surface observation of glass, you can see black and white spots. Polarizer can be found in the camera lens, or glasses, when attention to the adjustment of the light source, making it easier to observe.

Have a 3C certification mark on every piece of tempered glass.