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The Difference Between Tempered Glass And Ordinary Glass
Sep 06, 2017

The difference between Tempered Glass and ordinary glass
    Life we will see all kinds of glass, the installation of glass can play the effect of decoration, you can also isolate the noise, the more common glass is the United States Sheng glass, laminated glass and Tempered Glass, today we look at Tempered Glass and ordinary glass what is the difference.
    The surface of the Tempered Glass is compressive and is a kind of prestressed glass with good safety, and the strength of the Tempered Glass is very high. It is the same as that of the beautiful glass, and it can withstand higher temperatures.
    Ordinary glass is colorless and transparent, and the thickness is relatively uniform, the size is also very standardized, when the use of ordinary glass is basically no bubbles, but in the production if the cooling stage of treatment is not good, it will be easy to produce sand, affecting the use.
Tempered Glass in the production, is the use of the steel method to enhance the glass, toughened glass to bear the external force to offset the surface stress, to improve the carrying capacity, toughen the glass manufacturers to share, what is the reason for the glass bubble.
    First, the Tempered Glass temperature fluctuations, or glass redox fluctuations occur, it will make the glass liquid gas solubility fluctuations, resulting in bubbles.
    Second, Tempered Glass manufacturers tell you that if the Tempered Glass batch in the melting, the gas will continue to evaporate in the process of rising, it will form a large bubble floating.
    In fact, there are many reasons for the production of Tempered Glass bubbles, the main reason is the above mentioned two points, we use more attention, we are Tempered Glass manufacturers, welcome to come to my company to discuss cooperation.
 Tempered Glass to withstand external forces, the first to offset the surface stress, it will improve the carrying capacity, enhance the glass of the pressure, Tempered Glass manufacturers of Tempered Glass, and laminated glass how to distinguish it?
    1, you can compare the appearance of the glass to see the flatness of the glass, in fact, in the production of Tempered Glass need to go through high temperature treatment, there will be uneven phenomenon.
    2, you can also look at the scratches on the glass surface, Tempered Glass manufacturers of glass, the surface will not scratch with a hard scribe, but the laminated glass easy to scratch.
    3, the general Tempered Glass in the broken, the tiger into a honeycomb like a small particles, but the laminated glass in the rupture, the debris will stick to the film, the surface to keep clean and smooth.
    These three methods, can be a good distinction between Tempered Glass and laminated glass, different glass also has different advantages
Tempered Glass is relatively safe, it can withstand external stress to offset the surface stress, improve the carrying capacity, Tempered Glass after a period of time there will be dirt, cleaning glass what coup? Tempered Glass manufacturers share three methods.
    First, the daily cleaning of Tempered Glass, you can use a wet towel or keep wiped, wet towel can most of the stains clean, but can not wipe the stains can be wiped with warm vinegar.
    Second, the Tempered Glass manufacturers tell you that if the Tempered Glass on the oil, which is filled with detergent on the glass, paste a plastic wrap, about ten minutes later, tear off the plastic wrap in the wipe on it.
    Third, wipe the Tempered Glass can be wiped with a damp cloth again, and then wipe with a dry cloth dipped in white wine, the glass will be more clean, but there are dirt, do not use water to wipe, water wipe is not clean.
    Above to share these three methods of cleaning Tempered Glass, we can try the next.