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The Application Of Tempered Glass Door In Club Building
Aug 04, 2017

The Application of Tempered Glass Door in Club Building
Waterfront Club is located in Yancheng Ocean Bay, a small river, the extension of the horizon, the sky, the river of the island, the posthumous title of the water, dense reed together to create a quiet venue, pure and poetic atmosphere of the place. In such an environment, the building in a cautious attitude to intervene in the venue, and strive to not destroy the original mood at the same time, through the building to achieve the most intimate contact with the surrounding environment.
 At the structural level, the floor, column and other building components to minimize the size to enhance its light characteristics, so that the building floating in the environment. In the construction of materials using Tempered Glass Door, white aluminum, travertine floor, water concrete hanging plate, and indoor translucent clip glass partition material to strengthen the simple and pure atmosphere, to the architectural form of a non-material abstract. In the absence of a regional material and the construction of the external conditions, the abstract form has become a natural aesthetic choice.
The use of Tempered Glass Door as a glass curtain wall of the building, the reasons for the following five points:
1, the first Tempered Glass Door is a safe slope, its blew rate is low, suitable for use as a building, but also from the glass curtain wall material structure, it greatly reduces the cost of the entire project, and at the time of installation Is relatively simple, because it is only one material material, so the construction is very convenient above, the duration can be a very short period of time to produce it, if it is damaged, then the maintenance is also very simple and convenient.
2, it also has a good advantage it is very good to absorb ultraviolet rays, greatly reducing the sun exposure into the sun radiation. It looks very very personal.
3, Tempered Glass Door curtain wall It is also very economical to save our resources, in the sun into the room when we do not have to turn on the lights, because it has a very good lighting properties.
4, it is not easy to be contaminated, when we clean and clean when it is more convenient, direct water and cloth wipe clean into.
5, Tempered Glass Door curtain wall It also has a function that can be well isolated from the outside of the hot air and sound insulation effect, it can prevent indoor moisture.
 With the continuous improvement of living standards, Tempered Glass Door market competition is more and more intense, how to strengthen the Tempered Glass Door industry in the development of competition?
1, reform and innovation, breakthrough development
In the fierce domestic and international market competition, the Tempered Glass Door industry should maintain its own advantages, and adhere to the original road, put an end to drift. Continue to innovate and break through the bottleneck of development, so as to grasp the market's right to speak and take the initiative to achieve sustainable development.
2, industrial restructuring, seeking development
With the development of the times, the traditional industries need to keep pace with the times, the industrial transformation to seek new development, there is no backward industry, only backward production methods. China's glass industry has to play as the basic advantages of traditional industries, but also continue to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, improve the competitiveness of high-end products market, the early realization of labor-intensive to technology-intensive industries transition, shortening and international Tempered Glass Doors Industry advanced level gap.
3, to enhance productivity and competitiveness
Tempered Glass Door industry development is maturing today, how to make the industry have sustainable productivity and competitiveness, is the industry development, business survival must think about the problem. In the product launch, the Tempered Glass Door enterprises have the resources such as publicity means, channel policy, promotional methods, price system, etc. should be tightly integrated, will form its own level of core competitiveness of resources.