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Tempered Glass Encountered A Severe Test Of Environmental Protection
Oct 17, 2017

Tempered Glass encountered a severe test of environmental protection
Into 2015, the Tempered Glass market started mediocre, the market price of low volatility, upstream difficulties, flat glass industry is difficult to glory, the excess glass capacity and relatively sluggish downstream demand situation collision, combined with the state of the flat glass industry Control efforts continue to strengthen, the cracks in the Tempered Glass enterprises are facing a major test.
From the demand side, the real estate accounted for more than 75 of glass consumption, has been the main way to strengthen the consumption of glass. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that from January to April China's new housing area of 357.56 million square meters, down 17.3, housing completed area of 21.21 million square meters, down 10.5 percent. The real estate market is relatively sluggish, accompanied by poor demand for Tempered Glass.
From the supply side, the blind expansion of glass enterprises led to overcapacity, the market is difficult to digest. As a source of energy and resource consumption, the production of flat Tempered Glass is relatively strong and the capacity control is relatively difficult. At the same time, the production process will discharge soot, a large amount of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and have a significant impact on the environment. In recent years, thanks to the national key development of infrastructure construction, as an important building materials, flat steel industry was rapid development trend, in mid-2014 to reach the peak production capacity of 16.198 million tons, an increase of 14.94. In 2015, due to the overall market overcapacity, increasing competition for business pressure, only the first four months of the cumulative production line up to 14 cold, re-production and new ignition 10, Nissan net reduction of 2,100 tons, although the overall capacity of compression , But still difficult to alleviate the current industry overcapacity problem.
Affected by the increasingly serious supply and demand contradictions, enterprises take goods long-term general, increasing pressure on the stock, glass demand after years did not appear many companies look forward to the small climax, the overall stock rising. Taking the Hubei Province of Huazhong as an example, Wuhan Changli, Hubei Three Gorges, Hubei Yijun and Hubei Minghong were selected as sample enterprises. Since the beginning of 2015, the stock of enterprises has been increasing sharply, and the sample-weighted capacity has increased from 50 at the beginning of the year The current 80 or so, the inventory problem has become an important factor in suppressing the upward price of Tempered Glass in central China. Affected by this, the market price is difficult to uplink, in some areas flat steel prices fell over the years, corporate funds to increase the difficulty of recovery.
At present, to strengthen the flat glass glass industry, environmental governance issues become the country to solve the problem of overcapacity of Tempered Glass new entry point. Since last year, with the national energy-saving emission reduction related work in depth, the provincial Environmental Protection Office have been interviewed local
Flat steel glass enterprises, Texas Jinghua case into the new "Environmental Protection Law" after the implementation of the first domestic air pollution behavior for the environmental public interest litigation cases, the most concentrated production capacity of Hebei Province, the Tempered Glass Ministry of Environmental Protection does not meet the industrial policy, excessive or non-compliance Of the enterprises put forward deadline for rectification, and to strengthen pollution supervision, for the current good and bad, blind expansion of the flat glass enterprises sounded the alarm. Through strict control of corporate emission targets, shutting down emissions is not compliance enterprises, as soon as possible to eliminate backward enterprises, to ease the current Tempered Glass tarnished glass industry, serious overcapacity problem, optimize the existing industrial structure, the advantages of enterprises to do fine, so that it has to go out The ability to open up foreign markets. To promote the steel industry, economic, social and environmental sustainability of the development, corporate responsibility is more important than Taishan.