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Tempered Glass Door Into A New Era
Aug 24, 2017

Tempered Glass Door into a new era
 Brand has been hot topic of all walks of life, perhaps by some high-end brand of stimulation, many companies to the brand as a "floating wood", "life-saving straw." Admittedly, the high-end brand image is conducive to the development of enterprises, but simply play the concept of the brand, in the industry downturn is difficult to make a breakthrough, then the face of heavy pressure, steel door business should be how to break the brand?
Tempered Glass Door brand business model rough effect is low
In the glass industry, the so-called brand management is actually used to use is so few strokes, one more exhibition hall Yue Yue, more and more luxurious decoration, the second is a lot of hard advertising, from the initial enthusiastic to participate in industry exhibition to later Big outdoor advertising and then to the development of television advertising, the third is to do a variety of terminal promotion activities, is nothing more than to draw a variety of forums space designer salon feast, etc., or numerous promotions, the stars to help out, the president signed, And so on moves one after another, high price deep discounts back to the brand terminal business model as a popular means. Where all the rough approach not only increased the operating costs, and unscrupulous over-promotion is also a serious overdraft of the brand credit, lower the brand image, a careful calculation, the brand to invest a lot of cost is actually spent on the user and Do not produce the value of the promotion link, the cost of the final must be the sheep out of the body, is to be borne by the consumer, but also worried that even if it is able to sell a very good price, many brands of glass doors Manufacturers may not be able to make money, overcapacity in the product, product homogeneity, intense competition, information transparency under the general trend, many brands are in the price Qi, struggling.
Tempered Glass Door industry big reshuffle brand new era arrival
The Tempered Glass Door industry is really doing brand enterprises are not many, most of the so-called brand management is just copy the store business model only, and many different brands of stores almost do not see any difference, probably just change the name, Everything can be used as is. This model of the brand does not have any know-how, that is so simple, so a large number of those who have their own brand of fish and bead brand is being hit back to the prototype. In this sense, the current is precisely the ideal time to do the brand, consumers are both positive and negative after repeated education, and gradually improve the awareness, and to promote the glass industry from the yellow bell to destroy the wagons thunderous chaos began to Original clean source, Tempered Glass Door industry A true sense of the brand new era is coming soon. Industry big reshuffle, the iconic stage is to wash away a large number of corpse vegetarian backward brand, while giving birth to a number of advanced brand new, but this brand is not the brand, from the form to the content must be closer to the nature of business value.
Tempered Glass Door industry is too keen to promote brand trap trap
Tempered Glass Door industry, a major drawback is overly keen on research and promotion means, relish in what way can users rush into the ruthless slaughter knife, so rich in the so-called marketing experts rally master, and neglect the user needs, the industry is rare Service expert product master, even if the self-proclaimed product experts, its essence is nothing but a product to play marketing gimmicks, rarely based on the user perspective to think about how to do brand management, minimal attention to the user's overall cost, the use of demand, personality Preferences and emotional experience, so do the brand must fall into a vicious circle, but back and forth, but is mentioned in front of the recipe that promotion techniques, promotion of brand management model to the end of the dead end of the industry is not a bad thing, do not break is not established, Brand of decline, how can the rise of the real brand.