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Tempered Glass Door Installation
Jun 20, 2017

Tempered Glass Door installation
   In the modern decoration design to join the Tempered Glass Door, is now a decoration style, Tempered Glass Door installation allows the space to have a more clear line, both beautify the space and rational use of space. Now the most used in the decoration or Tempered Glass Door, because it makes the entire space of light and sight without obstacles, there is a perspective, people will not feel the space is small. There are many kinds of Tempered Glass Doors used for partitioning, such as transparent Tempered Glass Doors, frosted or carved Tempered Glass Doors are very commonly used, then use the glass door to do the partition to pay attention to what?

        1, Tempered Glass Door installation of the first positioning size

       Any decoration will be related to the size of the glass door to do the installation is no exception. At the beginning of the design need to locate the specific location in which the installation of glass doors, the location to clear the beginning to measure the size of things. First in the installation of the ground to draw the positioning line, and then in the wall or column to draw a high degree of position line, crossed the time must be meticulous, try to reduce the error, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to install the program. Repeatedly repeated the actual size of the scene is very necessary, so as to ensure the accuracy of the installation location and the accuracy of the choice of material size.

        2, Tempered Glass Door installed before the installation of the framework

       When the glass door is cut off, it is a fragile material, and it needs a solid frame to protect it. Before the partition can be pre-installed frame, first in the flat on the ground to the whole or part of the structure of the assembly, in order to better install fixed. Of course, if the partition installed area is relatively large, not all pre-installed, you can frame along the ground, wall and the middle position, first to the wall, the top fixed, and then step by step to install Tempered Glass Door. When installing the frame must pay attention to the original set out of the line, so as not to install wrong.

        3, cut off the installation of fixed glass doors

       After the assembly of the frame after the completion of the pre-installation process, but also need to further fix the Tempered Glass Door, like a lot of bolts to be fixed one by one, so that the frame of the profile is not movable, of course, the need for the border is necessary to welding , To prevent the border is not fixed and dislocation. When installing the Tempered Glass Door, be sure to take good care to protect the integrity of the Tempered Glass Door, to prevent the Tempered Glass Door caused by external forces. Finally, after the fixed glass door, in case, to do further careful inspection, so be considered to complete the installation of the glass door.