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Tempered Glass Curtain Wall Knowledge You Know How Much!
Sep 15, 2017

Tempered Glass curtain wall knowledge you know how much!
What is heat reflective Tempered Glass?
Reflective Tempered Glass is commonly referred to as coated Tempered Glass, usually in the Tempered Glass surface coated with 1 ~ 3 film composition. The shading coefficient of the heat reflective Tempered Glass SC is 0.2 to 0.6.
What is the characteristics of heat reflective Tempered Glass?
Ideal visible light transmittance and reflectivity, multiple reflection hues, low solar energy acquisition rate, ideal shading coefficient.
What is the application of unidirectional transparent Tempered Glass?
Mainly used in concealed observation window, using vacuum magnetron sputtering equipment in the transparent Tempered Glass or colored Tempered Glass coating. The membrane surface must be directed towards the light source by the observation room, and must create the appropriate light intensity ratio to achieve the desired effect.
What is the control of the chances of crushing?
Theoretically controlled within 3% (deductible). Now because of market changes, has been unable to achieve.
What is the type of substrate (Tempered Glass)?
Transparent Tempered Glass and colored Tempered Glass two categories. Colored glass in the CSG Group are often used: F Green (GR2), H Green (GR5), China Green (GR8), Lake Blue (Blue), American Green (PG4), Belgian Blue (BL6).
What are the colors of coated Tempered Glass?
CSG production of coated glass with gray, silver gray, blue ash, brown, gold, yellow, basket, green, blue and green, pure gold, purple, rose red, neutral color and so on.
What is the film dry pull color?
Whether the film thickness affects the color of the color? The soapy bubbles and the extremely thin layer of gasoline in the water are produced by the film. The color of the film is not the color of the film, but the interaction between the light and the film. When the thickness of the film on the Tempered Glass changes, the interference color changes, which is coated Tempered Glass has a variety of colors reasons. Colored Tempered Glass as the base of the coated glass The color of the Tempered Glass is the color of the Tempered Glass body, not the chances of interference.
Does film surface contamination affect color?
Thin film interference to produce color coated Tempered Glass, even if the adhesion of a thin layer of very thin and transparent film, Tempered Glass color will be significantly changed. The uneven thickness of the contaminated film will make the appearance into a flower face.
What is Tempered Glass mosaic?
Tempered Glass mosaic is made of quartz, feldspar, soda ash, fluoride and other materials by high temperature melting and then processed into a square of the Tempered Glass products (general specifications for the 20 × 20mm; 25 × 25mm). It has a variety of colors, Was opaque or semi-opaque.
Toughened glass mosaic with corrosion-resistant, non-fading, color dog Li, clean, cheap, easy construction, etc., by the construction industry and the user's welcome. Tempered Glass mosaic is mainly used for exterior decoration, it not only embellished and beautify the city, but also to protect the wall, to extend the life of the building and maintenance cycle. But also from the rise of the eighties, the rapid development of enterprises have been all over the country, in the early nineties and set off the third production climax, the current national high-tech, the country's production and operation is relatively simple, Tempered Glass mosaic production enterprises nearly 200, the annual output of more than 100 million square meters. As the external wall decoration and wall protection more and more attention by the state and local governments, so in recent years the new external wall decoration materials continue to emerge, the market is particularly fierce competition, nearly to make the glass mosaic industry to continuously improve the product structure, improve production Technology and technical equipment level, especially the twin-pole molding to improve the appearance of Tempered Glass mosaic quality large Tempered Glass mosaic also put on the market, making the Tempered Glass mosaic market prospects have been promising.