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Summary Of The Status Of Glass Blocks
Aug 15, 2017

Summary of the status of Glass Blocks
1, the original film prices led to a substantial increase in Glass Blocks deep processing enterprises production costs rose sharply in the implementation of the early downturn on the basis of the original price of the float and signed long-term orders, corporate profits, business difficulties are generally intensified.
2, the current market price of the original film has been relatively high, need to maintain a stable period, to facilitate the downstream digestion and conduction;
3, the real estate market continues to hot, whether it is investment, or sales area, finished area, the new construction area to maintain a larger growth, "gold nine silver ten" season strong market demand. At present, the national actual float Glass Blocks actually produced only 234 production lines, with the actual capacity last year, and this year the market demand is much better than last year, so the overall market situation in short supply.
4, Glass Blocks export market growth, Shahe region exports increased by more than 40%, South China's Taiwan glass, flag and other enterprises also maintained a substantial increase in exports.
5, recently, fuel, soda ash, freight are on the rise, especially in the history of the most stringent road overload since September 21 from the implementation of an average of at least 6 tons per vehicle less than the remaining 6 tons Glass Blocks. Greatly increasing the cost of logistics for Glass Blocks.
August Glass Blocks market staged a crazy rise in the market, this round up area, or large, is the most recent in recent years, a rise. Shahe area, for example, rose more than 3 yuan / square meter, a single month or up to 10%, South China, Central China market rose more than 10%, northeast, east, southwest and other regions followed, Inventory in the low majority of the smooth implementation.
Recently, the resumption of business sentiment thicker, short-term no cold repair shutdown plan. Anhui Fengyang line 600 tons of fire re-production, Benxi Ying new second-line 800 tons of cold repair finished, the ignition resumption of production, pre-ignition of Tianjin in the glass line 600 tons has been cited board production, Zibo Jinjing line is expected early September re-production, And Shahe Dejin recently also have a fire plan. The current social stock in the 31.5 million weight box low, so frequent market prices have little impact on the ship.
2016 market overall year-on-year has been greatly improved, so the enterprise's resumption of production is expected to be strong, the gold nine silver ten look forward to a lot, therefore, although the first five months of overall output showed a downward trend, but since June, Re-production and production pace to speed up. According to the Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2016, January-July, China's flat Glass Blocks production of 450 million weight box, an increase of 2.2%. The second half of the enterprise production and production increased significantly faster pace. In the short term, the supply side of this low stock still exists, and the uplink will not end.
According to the new information monitoring, September 6, China Glass Blocks price index reported 1082.03 points, up 18% over the beginning of August. From the regional performance point of view, Central China, South China and other places Glass Blocks spot prices in recent months rose 400-500 yuan / ton, the rate of increase of more than 30%, Shahe region Glass Blocks rose relatively stable. The current market downstream traders stocking positive, bullish expectations are very strong.
By the continued impact of the real estate market, Glass Blocks demand continued to grow, downstream processing enterprises and traders orders increased significantly. Into the third quarter, Glass Blocks usher in the traditional consumption season, the demand will be further released. Supply, the current operating rate of about 70%, the future capacity is very limited, can not cover the new demand. While the current market inventory has been low, the end of August stocks have dropped 8.21%, to inventory speed began to accelerate. With the supply side of the reform and the support of the property market, Glass Blocks supply and demand situation will continue to improve, still rising space.