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Such As Warranty To Enhance The Quality Of Tempered Glass Door Management
Oct 26, 2017

Such as warranty to enhance the quality of Tempered Glass Door management
To improve the quality of Tempered Glass Door to strengthen the process from the process to strengthen the glass in the production process, must be heated to the appropriate temperature, and the glass surface of the various parts of the temperature should be uniform, the difference can not be too much, in order to control this data Have to master the following points:
First, a reasonable heating time. The heating power of the tempering furnace is constant, and the heating time is usually set to about 35 to 40 seconds per mm of glass. For example, the heating time of 6mm glass is about 6 × 38 seconds = 228 seconds. In the thickness of less than 12mm ordinary tempered Tempered Glass Door, when the glass thickness of 12 ~ 19mm, the heating time of the basic calculation method is about 1mm thickness of glass about 40 to 45 seconds.
Second, according to the load of the furnace, select a reasonable heating temperature and effectively control the furnace temperature. The success of the Tempered Glass Door depends mainly on the lowest temperature of the glass plate, once the electric furnace has an overload phenomenon, the furnace temperature will drop, resulting in the Tempered Glass Door in the cooling section when cooling caused by broken. The heating of the glass in the tempering furnace is mainly conduction, radiation and convection. Here the furnace load does not refer to the area occupied by the glass in the furnace, but refers to the thickness of the Tempered Glass Door, the heating temperature and the relationship between the heating time. At present, most manufacturers use the steel furnace heating section can generally be divided into many very small heating area, under normal circumstances, in the central heating element heating area, there are always Tempered Glass Door in the endothermic, in the furnace area , There is always a glass, which is regional, the heating effect is also regional, if the electric furnace within a region of the heat consumption exceeds the heating effect, the temperature inside the region began to decline, which is overload phenomenon.
Third, the heating evenly, the Tempered Glass Door in the layout of the layout is also very important. The rational arrangement of the flap is to ensure the uniformity of the longitudinal and transverse loads in the furnace, that is, the arrangement of the furnaces for each furnace and the gap time of the furnaces to be uniform.
In the master of the above three elements on the basis of the Tempered Glass Door to do as much as possible with the fastest cooling rate of cooling, cooling rate depends on the glass thickness and other properties of the glass, glass positive and negative cooling to be balanced; The ideal cooling medium for the cooling phase is dry cold air, and the cooling capacity per unit area is determined, so the cooling capacity required for the 5mm Tempered Glass Door is equivalent to more than twice that of 6mm glass.
Finally, in the production of steel during the Tempered Glass Door to keep moving, the glass surface can not be scratched and deformed left traces. This movement includes the glass in the heating furnace in the hot pendulum movement, the heat swing movement is to make the glass surface of the various parts of the heating evenly; also includes the Tempered Glass Door in the air-cooled section of the cold pendulum movement to ensure that the Tempered Glass Door Block uniform. The original piece of glass can not have scratches, bubbles, etc., these conditions can cause glass broken.