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Several Fixed Methods Of Painted Glass Backdrop
Jun 27, 2017

Several fixed methods of Painted Glass backdrop
An adhesive fixation method
This kind of fixing method is often used in the paint to paint the glass backdrop with the mirror flower Painted Glass backdrop fixed. In most cases the thickness of the two backdrops is around five millimeters. The weight is relatively light, in the back of the wall with the back of the case of structural adhesive method is more suitable. The specific method of operation can be made of black plastic tape on the backplane, usually a large core board. Then attach the background wall to it. In order to prevent the glass wall before the solidification of the displacement, you can use tape, top pressure and other auxiliary way fixed position. Until the structural glue can be completely removed after solidification. Two wood frame fixed method.
Most of this fixation is also a thin glass background wall. Its bearing completely fall on the surrounding wooden frame. In the production of the background wall will be divided in a few pieces of glass on the pattern, each piece of glass are installed wooden frame. Fixed when the way with the pull down the wooden frame will be fixed in the designated location. Construction and installation are more convenient.
Three - mirror nail fixation
This type of fixation is mostly used for frameless painted glass backdrops or thicker, thicker painted glass backdrops. The height and length of the single piece of glass to one meter five for the boundaries, more than this limit need to pre-three drill three mirror nail hole. If not more than one meter five, the first drill two mirror nail hole. In the fixed, in the mirror nail hole designated position in advance on the backplane or wall drilling. Into the expansion tube. Then the wall glass and then fixed with a mirror screw. This kind of fixed way is more beautiful. Heavy load for large area with a large thickness of the Painted Glass background wall fixed. Four glue and mirror nail fixed combination
This way to use less. Under normal circumstances, unless it is overweight thick glass alone in one way to solve the problem. In use, in the first back plate perforated expansion tube, and then glue the adhesive glass, followed by the order of the mirror nail screw fixed. To prevent the displacement, you can also use the top of the way to help fixed. The above four kinds of commonly used Painted Glass background wall fixed way. There are some alien glass fixing, as well as the way of fixing the outdoor glass separately. Hope that at home improvement, you can according to their actual situation to choose a reasonable way to fix the glass background wall.