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Resulting In Poor Glass Blocks Flatness Reasons
Sep 06, 2017

Resulting in poor Glass Blocks flatness reasons
    The shape of the Glass Blocks is different, but the common is the plane and the surface of the two, the safety of the Glass Blocks relative to other Glass Blockss is relatively high, but we use the Glass Blocks will appear flatness bad reason, the Glass Blocks manufacturers analysis the reason.
    The first point: Glass Blocks in the heating, the Glass Blocks on the surface of the existence of temperature difference will cause deformation, will appear upward bending or bending down, for different situations to deal with different.
    The second point: random temperature distribution is uneven, will also cause the deformation of the Glass Blocks, Glass Blocks manufacturers to tell you that this is mainly due to poor equipment caused by the state.
    The third point: heating Glass Blocks, the middle and edge of the existence of temperature difference will also cause Glass Blocks.
Glass Blocks has a layer of the middle of the film, this Glass Blocks is a special high temperature pre-pressure treatment, and now many industries can use Glass Blockss, Glass Blockss used in the construction industry should meet the requirements? Glass Blocks manufacturers under the simple introduction.
    Requirements 1: applied to the construction industry, requiring a higher degree of safety of the Glass Blocks, because the glass layer of the middle layer of the film tough, and the adhesion is also strong, after the impact is not easy to penetrate.
    Requirements 2: In the construction industry, the requirements of the Glass Blocks of energy-saving effect is better, the Glass Blocks manufacturers to produce the middle of the Glass Blocks can reduce solar radiation, the role of sound waves buffer.
    Requirements three: there is an important point is to increase the beauty of the building, the Glass Blocks of the middle film can have a variety of color options, so that you can adapt to the surrounding environment.
   Through the introduction of the previous, I believe we have also recognized the Glass Blocks, Glass Blocks is a composite Glass Blocks, the use is also very wide, then the Glass Blocks manufacturers to tell you what the benefits of Glass Blockss.
     1, good sound insulation. Now people in the decoration, the more important is whether the Glass Blocks can be sound insulation, especially the decoration office, like some quiet environment, so the Glass Blocks has become the primary choice.
     2, the use of security. Everyone in the choice of Glass Blocks, in addition to see whether the Glass Blocks noise, Glass Blocks manufacturers to tell you the safety of Glass Blocks is also more people care about the place, the Glass Blocks to impact, the safety level is relatively high.
     3, heat insulation. Especially in the summer of the summer, the house will be relatively hot, Glass Blockss can be insulated, reduce solar radiation, but also can save air conditioning electricity consumption, is a relatively popular building materials.
A portion of the Glass Blocks is affected by the heat source, which absorbs heat to expand and the surrounding portion is not heated, and does not form a thermal stress inside the Glass Blocks. When the thermal stress exceeds the tensile strength of the weakest part of the Glass Blocks (generally the edge) , It will produce thermal cracking. We sometimes encounter glass pieces on the table pouring water, the table burst is because of this reason
The heat absorption of high solar energy absorption of glass and heat-reflective Glass Blocks is also prone to thermal burst phenomenon
 Although the Glass Blocks is a new type of building materials, is made of two or three pieces of glass, the use of dense composite adhesive production, Glass Blocks manufacturers to talk about the preparation of glass pieces before the preparation work, Right now.
    1, the manufacturer is equipped with: the manufacturer according to the selected Glass Blocks production line and other Glass Blocks model to determine the length and width of the Glass Blocks, and the ground floor to harden and keep clean, to avoid too much dust into the Glass Blocks production line produce.
    2, processing equipment: Glass Blocks manufacturers suggest that you want to choose the right equipment, no quality and service equipment, so that in the future production process will not produce unnecessary trouble to meet the production requirements of the Glass Blocks Yes.
    3, the water: we must know that the production of Glass Blocks is an important part of the glass to be cleaned, which requires around or near the water to carry out recycling, and also need to be equipped with water treatment equipment.
    Speaking of glass production before the preparation, the main thing is to say to you these points