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How To Maintain The Painted Glass
Jun 20, 2017

How to maintain the Painted Glass
Painted glass by virtue of its personality, fashion and no lack of innovative spirit, so the emergence of a young man's favor, so now we can go where you can see some very personalized Hefei painted glass, very attractive The eyeball. But there is a problem that many people do not know how to maintain the stained glass, although very beautiful, but do not know how to maintain no matter how good it will become stained, so do not know how to maintain the painting please look at the next content The

1, waxing

Can be painted in the glass wall coated with a layer of natural beeswax, this wax can effectively the wall and the water in the air isolated to prevent the wall off.

2, do not be direct

When drawing painted glass, be sure to pick the wall without direct sunlight to draw. Ultraviolet light on the color of the devastating, will constitute a fade and discoloration.

3, regular ventilation

The room where the painted glass is located must be regularly and regularly ventilated. In general, the number of painted glass homes is desirable, so it is best to choose the location of the stained glass away from areas that are easily contaminated with heavy oil and moisture and preferably have a very stable temperature and humidity environment.

4, covered with cloth

If you usually go out, then go out before the best to find a large bed sheets will be painted glass surface cover up, one to avoid the wall ash, the future is difficult to clean, and second can delay the wall fade.

In general, there is no need for too much protection, as long as there is no dust, moisture, fumes, or deliberately wiping these things so there will be nothing, and even shelf life of 10 years is not a problem, so the main election is suitable for painting and usually a little attention You can.
For some beginners who have just touched Hefei painted glass, it may not be good or can be said to be bad at the beginning, but do not worry too much because everyone is basically in this state at the beginning, So slowly come Xiaobian today on the painted glass production often appear some of the problems to analyze.

1. If you draw a good pattern after the uneven color, because the pen when the light weight, or the pigment is too thick;

2. When the line is thick because the hook line when the intensity is not mastered, so hook line to be uniform;

3. hook lines intermittent, because the pen for a long time when the paint, to be consistent;

4. Pattern dry feel hard, because the pigment is too thick, remember to add thinner;