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How To Ensure The Production Of Special Tempered Glass Door Quality Clearance
Jul 04, 2017

How to ensure the production of special Tempered Glass Door quality clearance

Corners of the case everywhere, is because everybody's greed to form, the most serious is the highway bridge engineering and building construction, bridge collapse case frequent, in special Tempered Glass Door professional how to ensure the quality of pass a barrier? For wire explosion protection of Tempered Glass Door how real, high temperature resistant Tempered Glass Door how real high temperature resistance, resistance to high pressure of Tempered Glass Door how real resistance to high pressure, and so on, are special Tempered Glass Door career to think about problems.

To accomplish this is to think inside and outside, within itself. Request the company to have professional ethics heart, can't neither may cut corners state of mind, not from true, as a condition to ensure the quality of goods is, to customers as god, really hard for the customer service, help and guidance user use goods, to ensure the personal safety of users. What information should be used when producing special Tempered Glass Door products should be used according to practical application, such as how much is used, and how long it will take to make it.

The external viewpoint is the supervision of the demand quality technical supervision bureau. In the days of the food poisoning, the quality and technical supervision bureau did not increase its management. In order to supervise and inspect the goods of various categories, sampling samples do protect the legitimate rights and interests of the broad consumers. Once have found which special Tempered Glass Door company quality does not pass, for the first time be criticized, serious processing with according to law, to check quality in good company, to intensify publicity to let customers more understanding of the company, lead consumers to buy.

(1) there is a temperature difference between the upper and lower appearance, and when the Tempered Glass Door is bending upward, the exterior temperature of the Tempered Glass Door is high. The upper surface temperature should be lowered. Together, the temperature of the surface of the glass door should be kept unchanged. When the Tempered Glass Door bends downward, it is clear that the external temperature of the upper surface and the upper surface temperature should be reduced properly, and the external temperature should be improved together. When the temperature is adjusted, the rate of steel and the quality of the steel are affected.

(2) there is temperature difference of center or edge of Tempered Glass Door deformation, if appear Tempered Glass Door type saddle shape when clarify furnace insulation owe is good or the temperature set point margin is low, need to regulate the temperature of the marginal value; When the steel glass door appears in the shape of the pot, if it is pre-heat history

The components of the steel glass door shall not be piled up temporarily, the air furnace shall work first, and the temperature of the furnace shall be distributed evenly and then the film shall be made again. If the temperature setting is in doubt, adjust the temperature setting parameters to distribute the temperature evenly in the furnace.

(3) about random uneven temperature, must be timely maintenance equipment, to prevent adverse condition, often finishing temperature sensor adjacent Tempered Glass Door slag, the temperature sensor is touch the temperature of furnace temperature accurately, together in the piece is to prevent the furnace piled up on the same condition.