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How To Control The Production Temperature Of Glass Blocks
Sep 29, 2017

Glass block even by external damage, the debris will become honeycomb, will not have an impact on us, the security is better than other glass, glass block manufacturers to talk about how to control the production of glass block temperature.
The heating temperature of the glass block also has a great influence on the quality of the glass. When heating the glass block, it is necessary to pay more attention than the overload of the electric furnace, that is, the thickness of the glass. Consumption exceeds the heating effect, the temperature inside the region will drop until the temperature balance. Glass block manufacturers tell you the thickness of different glass, heating the temperature is different, if the glass is thicker, the higher the temperature will be heating, the production of heating temperature adjustment, mainly through the heating time to achieve the adjustment Temperature control.
As for how to control the production of glass block temperature, but also to determine the thickness of the glass, we glass block manufacturers of Glass Blocks of various types, quality assurance, welcome to buy.
Glass block in the current construction industry, the application is still relatively wide, but also a very good sound insulation effect, at home is also a good choice, glass block manufacturers analysis of the reasons for the formation of Glass Blocks are not easy to understand the next bar.
In the production of Glass Blocks, the furnace roller are mostly made of ceramic and quartz materials, if heated properly, it is prone to deformation, in the processing of glass will lead to glass flatness is not good. Glass block manufacturers tell you that if there is impurities in the furnace roller, you can clear it, but if the grinding for a long time, the roller will be wear and tear, if the roller thickness is uneven, it will lead to deformation of the glass block The
Glass block with a layer of the middle of the film, this glass is a special high temperature pre-pressure treatment, and now many industries can use Glass Blocks, Glass Blocks used in the construction industry should meet the requirements of what? Glass block manufacturers under the simple introduction.
Requirements 1: applied to the construction industry, requiring a higher degree of safety of the glass block, because the glass layer of the middle layer of the film tough, and the adhesion is also strong, after the impact is not easy to penetrate. Requirements 2: In the construction industry, the requirements of the glass block energy-saving effect is better, glass block manufacturers to produce the glass block of the middle of the film can reduce the solar radiation, the role of sound waves buffer. Requirement three: there is an important point is to increase the beauty of the building, the glass block of the middle film can have a variety of color options, so that you can adapt to the surrounding environment.
Insulating glass is the building commonly used glass, this glass is not only insulation is also soundproof, especially suitable for use in the office or conference room, insulating glass manufacturers to choose the method of insulating glass raw materials, welcome to a lot of attention.
1, the choice of hollow glass of raw materials, Glass Blocks should be cut before the first check whether the color difference, if the glass color difference is large, for different projects, choose more attention to raw materials. 2, insulating glass manufacturers suggest that you, hollow glass cutting size, should be strictly implemented drawings requirements, in the glass surface, no scratches, bubbles and other obvious defects, so as not to affect the late use of the normal. 3, we must know that ordinary flat glass transparency and strength of production requirements, it is recommended that you choose the original piece of glass, to avoid the use of ordinary flat glass.
 The type of glass block is relatively more, this piece of glass even if broken, debris will stick to the film, then buy the glass block to see what aspects of manufacturers? Glass block manufacturers under the simple introduction.
1, the purchase of Glass Blocks, we must first look at the manufacturers of Glass Blocks can meet the requirements, whether to achieve sound insulation, sound insulation and safety requirements, which is an important aspect of the choice of Glass Blocks. 2, buy glass block, glass block manufacturers suggest that you, or to see how the quality of glass produced by manufacturers, because the glass block to long-term use, the quality of the standard can not guarantee normal use. 3, and then look at the manufacturers of glass production process, each manufacturer of Glass Blocks have their complete production process, production technology is also an important point to ensure the quality of glass production.