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Glass Craft
Dec 06, 2016

 Physical quenching tempered glass tempered glass is also known as. It is the ordinary flat glass in a furnace heated to near the softening temperature of the glass (600 c), through its own deformation to eliminate internal stress, and then move the glass out of the furnace, using long nozzle the high pressure air blow to both sides of the glass to make it quickly and evenly cooled to room temperature, can be made of tempered glass. Tension in the glass at the internal, external compressive stress state, once the local damage, stress release occurs, is broken up into millions of little pieces of glass, these small pieces without sharp edges, easily hurt.

Chemical toughened glass is by changing the chemical composition of the surface of the glass to improve the strength of glass is generally tempered by ion exchange method. Its method is will contains alkali metal ion of Portland glass, immersion to melting State of lithium (Li+) salt in the, makes glass surface of Na+ or K+ ion and Li+ ion occurred Exchange, surface formed Li+ ion exchange layer, due to Li+ of expansion coefficient is less than Na+, and K+ ion, to in cooling process in the caused outer contraction smaller and within layer contraction larger, dang cooling to at room temperature Hou, glass will also in within layer by pulled, outer by pressure of State, its effect similar Yu physical tempered glass.