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Glass Blocks Market Status Summary
Jun 27, 2017

Glass Blocks market status summary
1, the original film prices led to a substantial increase in the cost of deep processing of glass production costs rose sharply in the implementation of the early downturn on the basis of the original price of the float and signed long-term orders, corporate profits, business difficulties are generally intensified.
2, the current market price of the original film has been relatively high, need to maintain a stable period to facilitate the downstream digestion and conduction;
3, the real estate market continues to hot, whether it is investment, or sales area, finishing area, the new construction area to maintain a larger growth, "gold nine silver ten" season strong market demand. At present, the actual actual float Glass Blocks production line only 234, with the actual production capacity last year, and this year the market demand is much better than last year, so the overall market situation in short supply.
4, the Glass Blocks export market growth, Shahe region export growth of more than 40%, South China's Taiwan glass, flag and other enterprises also maintained a substantial increase in exports.
5, recently, fuel, soda ash, freight are on the rise, especially in the history of the most stringent road overload since September 21 from the implementation of the average car at least 6 tons less than the past few pieces of Glass Blocks. Greatly increase the logistics costs of Glass Blocks enterprises.
Factors affecting the quality of glass equipment, mainly the selection of raw materials and manufacturing processes. Which will directly affect the quality of raw materials, glass quality and life. At present, there are three kinds of domestic Glass Blocks: slot aluminum single-channel seal, slot aluminum double-channel seal, composite seal strip Glass Blocks. Slot aluminum single-channel seal due to poor sealing, easy to enter the air, resulting in glass condensation, frost, short life, has been eliminated.
In the glass material given, such as ordinary glass or tempered glass, then according to the glass strength design theory, the glass of the original piece of the fracture strength to determine the down. Since the glass produced by the Glass Blocks machine is made of two pieces (or two or more) of glass, the surrounding seal forms a sealed air layer. When the glass is subjected to the load on one side, the stress plane glass is deformed to compress the hollow layer gas, The pressure increases, the part of the load is transferred to the other side of the glass, so in the gas sealed state, the Glass Blocks is two pieces of glass shared load, two pieces of glass at the same time deformation. Glass Blockss are two or more layers of flat glass filled with a desiccant aluminum frame with butyl rubber and polysulfide bonded together.
The original piece of glass for making the Glass Blocks device may be a colorless float glass, a coated glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and the like. Should avoid the use of ordinary flat glass, ordinary flat glass transparency and strength are not meet the requirements. The original glass must meet the corresponding requirements of the standard, after passing the test to use. Different manufacturers of different batches of glass before cutting should first check whether the color difference, the larger color of the glass were used for different projects or different building facades. Glass cutting size should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings, while the operator should pay attention to the glass surface, no scratches, bubbles and other obvious defects. Aluminum bar, the choice of angle: the thickness of aluminum should be between 0.30mm ~ 0.35mm, the thickness should be uniform, uniform distribution of ventilation holes. Aluminum should be anodized or decontamination treatment, be sure to use good quality, high grade products, improve the utilization of aluminum. Insert the size to be selected, the surface to clean.
Glass Blocks equipment is the biggest advantage of energy saving and environmental protection, modern building energy consumption is mainly air conditioning and lighting, the former accounted for 55, the latter accounted for 23, the glass is the building wall of the thinnest, the most easy to heat the material. Most of the glass processing plants use Glass Blocks production lines are semi-automatic plate pressure or roll production equipment, the pace of its production is mainly limited by the speed of tablet presses and online cleaning machine speed. If you want to improve the submission of a finished product rate, it is necessary to implement the process before the self-test and mutual inspection, from the film inspection, aluminum frame production and even butyl rubber coating, in particular, pay attention to the quality of the box process, Any defects in the process are basically able to show out, and in the film can be easier to remedy before processing.