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Fire Glass Blocks Purchase Need To Pay Attention To The Following Points
Sep 15, 2017

Fire Glass Blocks purchase need to pay attention to the following points
Fireproof Glass Blocks has good light transmission performance and fire resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation performance, the common fire Glass Blocks sandwich composite fire Glass Blocks, folder wire fire Glass Blocks and hollow fire Glass Blocks three. Many single-piece fire Glass Blocks buyers only concerned about the price of fire Glass Blocks, but ignored a lot of important purchase notes. The following Glass Blocks prompts you a few, so you can avoid buying errors.
First, the purchase of applicable products: single piece of fire Glass Blocks, according to the thickness is divided into 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, according to the fire rating is divided into I (90 minutes), Ⅱ (60) ), Grade IV (30 minutes). The specific choice of which, not only based on the intensity (or thickness) to set, but also carefully look at the fire acceptance requirements of the fire rating to use. High-strength single-layer cesium potassium fire Glass Blocks due to the use of chemical and physical dual technology, than the average single-piece fire Glass Blocks more fire, higher strength, the effect is more stable.
Second, the selection of qualified manufacturers: As a result of registration into the production of fire Glass Blocks enterprises by fire, environmental protection, registered capital and other conditions, many sales of fire Glass Blocks business registration for the trade or sales-oriented enterprises, or license business scope of production Fire Glass Blocks of the qualifications, and some companies simply no industrial and commercial registration, such enterprises do not have the conditions of production, of course, it is impossible to produce qualified fire Glass Blocks products. The purchaser shall understand the operating conditions of the manufacturer and provide the original (or copy) of the original business license to prevent the fraud. Glass Blocks professional Glass Blocks deep processing fire Glass Blocks manufacturer, engaged in Glass Blocks deep processing has 20 years of history.
Third, the purchase of products to check whether there is a sampling report and the record: the current fire department on the use of fire products more and more strict, requiring production, sales and use of the unit for the use of fire products for life, if accidentally use fake fire products Or certificate will bear a great risk of fire and the risk of future accident liability, according to the fire regulations, must pass the public security fire department sampling inspection, and hold the national fire quality inspection center or national fixed fire extinguishing system and refractory quality inspection center The type of inspection within the validity of the enterprise can produce fire Glass Blocks. Inspection report of the use of the period is generally three years, the inspection report in the quality inspection center and the provincial fire corps are generally filed for the production of inspection reports should be displayed in the quality inspection center telephone and address to facilitate the inspection report the authenticity. The purchaser must ask whether the manufacturer can produce the original of the inspection report and provide the telephone for the record institution for verification.
Fourth, in the purchase of the best manufacturers to issue a "proof of the supply of fire products": to implement the Ministry of Public Security Fire Department on the strengthening of fire product quality supervision and management of the instructions to regulate the production of fire products, sales, installation, use of market behavior, The provinces have implemented the corresponding fire products supply certification system, the establishment and implementation of fire products credit system, the specific include the following points:
1, where the provinces in the circulation of fire products, the production unit in the supply of fire products to the purchase unit, should also be filled with "fire products supply certificate."
2, the sales, installation of enterprises to use the unit to supply fire products, should be submitted to the production enterprises to fill the "fire products supply certificate."
3, "fire products supply certificate" and the specific supply of the project or the use of units must be one to one correspondence, the construction and use of units in the declaration of fire engineering completion and acceptance, should be "fire products supply certificate" with other completion of acceptance materials Sent to the public security agencies to verify.
4, no production enterprises to provide "fire products supply certificate" of fire products, are regarded as counterfeit products. Therefore, according to the above system, the purchase of single-piece fire Glass Blocks, the best manufacturers with the goods issued a "fire products supply certificate."
Comprehensive consideration of the product cost, monolithic fire Glass Blocks is a high-tech products, the production process is more complex, the production cost is mainly affected by the scale of production and equipment conditions. Buy a single piece of fire Glass Blocks the best combination of product quality and price to consider, choose to buy.