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Analysis On The Difference And Benefit Between Green Glass Blocks And Double Glass Blocks
Aug 24, 2017

Analysis on the Difference and Benefit between Green Glass Blocks and Double Glass Blocks
The advantage of a green insulated Glass Blocks is to use a reflective coating process and a method to improve the composition of the Glass Blocks. Only the visible light in the sun enters the compartment and blocks part of the ultraviolet and infrared rays. So as to reduce the car's heating effect, improve comfort.
Double-layer insulation Glass Blocks is the advantage of the green Glass Blocks on the basis of the double-piece Glass Blocks into the silver-plated film, can greatly improve the amount of infrared reflection, improve the insulation effect, to provide customers with relative to the former For excellent comfort.
Car in the hot summer air conditioning to overcome the heat is the sun's exposure, especially the infrared radiation, and the use of double-insulated Glass Blocks can effectively reduce this effect, reduce the air conditioning load, bring significant economy. The other is double insulated Glass Blocks anti-ultraviolet ability is very strong. UV for the skin and plastic trim are extremely harmful, not much to say here, double insulated Glass Blocks can filter almost 100% of the UV.
Double Glass Blocks is composed of two pieces of glass, greatly increasing the stiffness of the Glass Blocks, providing a high degree of security, reduce the risk of anti-theft robbery. Especially in the event of accidental impact of the vehicle, broken pieces of Glass Blocks adhesion in the middle of the interlayer, will effectively reduce the Glass Blocks on the crew of the secondary damage. In addition, the comfortable temperature is also an important factor in safety.
1. Glass Blocks products etching screen printing
For a long time, the Glass Blocks products of the etching decoration, is in the Glass Blocks surface heat coating wax layer and other reinforcement material, as the corrosion layer, and then on the coating with a needle, knife and other carved pattern pattern, exposing the Glass Blocks surface , And then in this part of the fluoride acid corrosion. This process continues to have manufacturers applications, but its processing methods time-consuming, laborious, inefficient.
Silk screen etching process, so that the Glass Blocks products of the etching decoration becomes simple, time-saving, effort. Glass Blocks etching silk screen, there are two kinds of hot and cold printed method.
Thermoplastic etching silk screen, is the paraffin, asphalt, stearic acid and other prepared by the adhesive, add a small amount of anti-corrosion powder modulation into corrosion, through the hot screen version, according to the design drawings, To the surface of the Glass Blocks to form a resist film. The part of the resist block that exposes the Glass Blocks is the pattern that needs to be etched. Etching is carried out using chlorofluoric acid. After etching, rinse off the resist layer printed on the Glass Blocks with boiling water.
Glass Blocks silk screen etching, can also be used cold printing method. Anti-corrosion printing can be used special asphalt paint plus anti-corrosion powder, can also buy commercially available anti-ink. After the printing is completed, until the resist film is completely dry, can be hydrofluoric acid corrosion.
Hot prints are suitable for two consecutive, quadrilateral pattern pattern etch, cold printed to adapt to individual patterns of etching.
2. Glass pieces of ice silk screen
Binghua commonly known as orange peel pattern, it is actually very small low melting point Glass Blocks particles. This small Glass Blocks particles, lead composition is high, color and colorless two, color hue with red, yellow, blue, green, white, etc., can also be prepared in the middle tone.
Silk screen ice decoration, elegant and generous, mostly used for architectural Glass Blocks decoration and arts and crafts Glass Blocks decoration, such as glass pieces of utensils, lamps and other decorative.
Silk screen Glass Blocks ice decoration, is the first in the Glass Blocks surface coloring or colorless Glass Blocks flux layer (flux), and then the ice glass particles scattered on this layer of glass flux layer, through 500 ℃ ~ 590 ℃ Of the sintered, so that the surface of the Glass Blocks of the flux layer and ice layer of eutectic and produce relief effect. Such as the Glass Blocks is printed on the colored flux, and micro-ice is transparent, through the high temperature eutectic, the Glass Blocks ice pattern pattern of the molten layer fade, and in the Glass Blocks surface to form a colored, uplift transparent relief pattern.