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The Reason For The Uneven Surface Of The Painted Glass
Jun 09, 2017

The reason for the uneven surface of the Painted Glass
 After the glass is tempered, the surface of a ripple or a small lump, what is the reason?
1, Painted Glass after high temperature treatment, heated to the degree of softening point, after the steel can not be polished. Therefore, the surface of the stained glass is actually a certain uneven, which is why the market is not the so-called "steel mirror" reasons.
2, steel furnace roller deformation or roller there are impurities.
3, the glass is too thin, because the steel is ultra-thin glass in the steel furnace heating, the ultra-thin glass becomes soft, inevitably produce ripples, resulting in Painted Glass surface is not flat.
  When the sound waves propagate in the medium, as the distance increases, the acoustic energy will inevitably weaken.
    The so-called stained glass, is a significant reduction in sound energy of a special medium only. Even ordinary glass also has a certain attenuation of the effect of sound waves, but not so effective only.
    Stained glass, whether it is laminated glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass, etc., are applied to the following two basic principles:
    (1) When the sound waves propagate from one medium to another, at the interface of the two media, a portion of the energy is reflected back to the original medium and the other part of the energy travels through the interface in the other. When the acoustic wave encounters a different acoustic impedance interface (air and solid interface, vacuum and solid interface) will produce scattered reflections that cause attenuation, that is, scattering attenuation. It is hard to pass through the middle layer of the glass in the sound waves, and then most of them are reflected, the middle layer may be air or even vacuum. And the interface of the two kinds of media, the greater the difference in acoustic impedance, the higher the reflectivity, air and glass acoustic impedance difference is great.
    What is acoustic impedance? The acoustic impedance can be understood as describing the effect of the medium on particle vibration. Under the same sound pressure, the acoustic impedance increases, will reduce the vibration velocity of the particle. This is similar to the concept of resistance in ohm's law of electricity.
   (2) attenuation due to internal friction and heat transfer in the medium, ie absorption attenuation or viscous attenuation. (For example, the PVB interlayer film of polyvinyl butyral as the main component, the KK superelastic interlayer film containing the polymer as the main component, etc.), the acoustic wave can overcome the resistance , So that sound waves weakened.
    In view of this, the main application of the laminated glass absorption attenuation principle, and hollow glass, vacuum glass is mainly applied to the principle of scattering attenuation.
This is because the special structure of the Painted Glass is determined. Whether it is a physical stained glass or chemical stained glass, will form a layer of glass on the surface of the stress layer, the formation of internal stress layer. You can simply think of it as sandwich biscuits. When the impact, the outside of the stress layer and the internal crack propagation velocity is different, in general, the physical stress of the glass layer is the internal stress layer of 1/23, chemical stained glass stress layer is the internal tensile stress layer 1/11, while the ordinary glass surface and the internal crack propagation speed is 1, therefore, caused by the outside of the Painted Glass stress layer has not spread far, which layer has spread very far. It is like sandwich biscuits by the impact of the sandwich inside has been cracked, the outside of the biscuits is not much bad. Due to the presence of the stress layer, most of the impact caused by the internal transmission, because the stained glass is very high, so generally enough to make him crack the force of the time, are enough to make cracks in the internal spread. If the impact is too large, it will be broken into small particles.