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6 Strokes Teach You To Do The Shower Room Glass Blocks Clean
Jul 24, 2017

6 strokes teach you to do the shower room Glass Blocks clean
 1. For the shower room Glass Blocks on the yellow water stains, you need to use glass cleaner cleaning, and then scrub with a dry cloth can be bright as new; and shower parts of the various parts of the hardware accessories, you can not use the cleaning agent, So as to avoid corrosion of the surface, the best way is to regularly wipe with a dry cloth to keep clean.

2. For the Glass Blocks of water stains, you can go to the supermarket to buy a suitable for their own home shower room glass door size of the Glass Blocks scraping (supermarkets have, plastic or metal stent and handle, insert the rubber strip, the length must With the length of the glass room with their own shower room is almost the same, too long will be inconvenient), after the bath with a Glass Blocks scraping the shower room Glass Blocks scraped, without a lot of time, no effort.

3. If the shower room on the Glass Blocks with fouling, available vinegar and a little salt mixture of liquid wash, you can remove. You can also use the toothpaste to the bathroom glass or frosted Glass Blocks spray again, and then rubbed with a toothbrush, and then wash the frosted glass with warm water can be.

4. You can also use clean toilet spirit cleaning, and usually should also pay attention to keep clean, every day with a shower when the shower can be washed.

5. First, the Glass Blocks water evenly sprayed on the surface of the Glass Blocks, and then wipe it with a dry soft cloth.

6. Note that the Glass Blocks can not scratch with a hard object, so as not to endanger the safety of Glass Blockss. Shower room Glass Blocks is the daily clean-up, after each wash can be readily cleaned about, in order to ensure long shower bright shower.
 Shower room can be divided into two - simple shower room and the whole shower room before the use of simple shower room more and more people, due to simple, stylish and beautiful, many newly renovated families are planning to purchase. The current market, the price of a shower door from more than one thousand yuan to tens of thousands of dollars, according to square words from 300 yuan / square meter -800 yuan / square meter, the difference lies mainly in the shower room glass door quality and Accessories quality.

Many people think that the thickening of the Glass Blocks is better, but not the case. The most important thing about the shower room is the degree of toughening of the tempered Glass Blocks. The thickness of the Glass Blocks is only important for the appearance of the shower room. The market to sell some of the more expensive shower room, mostly by the production of small workshops are not produced, and then paste the norms of the manufacturers of the brand.

In order to reduce costs, many small manufacturers even use semi-tempered Glass Blocks or Rewan Glass Blocks. These Glass Blockss made of shower room, vulnerable to external factors. Such as winter with hot water or summer with cold water, it is able to burst, the broken glass ballast will be sharp edge, it is simple to hurt. And regulate the production of glass manufacturers of glass safety performance is very high.