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Glass mirror main categories
Dec 06, 2016

Glass is divided into three categories, namely, decorative glass mirrors, hand-silvered mirror and aluminum mirror. Home decorating is a common decorative glass mirrors.

Decorative glass mirror compared with hand-silvered mirror and aluminum mirror, mirror of large size and image vivid, salt spray resistance, good heat resistance, long life characteristics, particularly suitable for walls, pillars, ceilings, molding surface of ornament, and toilet, used clothes to wear on the furniture broken mirrors.

Decorative mirror on the market today, most use of high quality flat glass, tinted glass substrate, in silver on its surface, again with a layer of coated steel, with a layer of primer, and finally coated grey finish and made. Decorative mirrors are white and tea mirror-mirror. Its maximum size is 3. 2 m X2 m, thickness 2~10 mm. Can select decorative mirrors in different sizes and colors.